About SunTalk

SunTalk has service and support personnel to insure your critical communications network performs at the optimum level. Our service personnel are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and have earned Motorola certification to provide the highest quality service and repair for today’s sophisticated wireless systems.


The SunTalk MOTOTRBO™ Commercial System keeps your work teams constantly connected over a wider area, without interference or distracting static. Personnel and fleet tracking applications are available to help you oversee people and locations, and get status updates for instant alert to unresponsive workers. If an emergency occurs, priority voice and data communications will get through with the Digital Emergency and Transmit Interrupt features on the radios. Hands-free accessories with integrated Bluetooth® let your vehicle operators communicate without distractions or wires in the way. The long range wireless mobile microphone enables drivers to step away from the vehicle as far as 300 feet and stay connected.

When your workers need to react to an unexpected delay, every moment matters. With Motorola Solutions Team Communications from SunTalk, your teams can simply push, talk and go. It’s that simple.